Spring Special (On Sale March—May 2019)

Over 1/3 off both:

Exodus Part 1—Adult Study (English) only $12.00, regularly $18.50 (Large print only $16.25)

Exodus Part 2—Adult Study (English) only $10.00, regularly $15.30 (Large print only $13.50)

Exodus tells how God redeemed the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt, and how He guided them to the Promised Land. Within the book of Exodus, God’s purpose in history is revealed through this account of redemption, covenant, and the building of the tabernacle. Selections from the books of Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua are included in Part 2 of this study series.

Why Study the Bible?

It is primarily through our words that we communicate our identities—who we are, our feelings, thoughts, intentions, desires—our very essence. And so it is with God. He communicates to us primarily through His Word, the Bible.  In it He reveals to us His thoughts, intentions, and desires…

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Why Use Joy of Living?

Evangelical and interdenominational, Joy of Living reaches across denominational and cultural barriers, enriching lives through the simple, pure truths of God’s inspired Word, the Bible.  This unique Bible study series may be used by people who know nothing about the Bible,  as well as more knowledgeable…

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How to Use Joy of Living

Only a Bible is needed for this study series. While commentaries may be helpful, it is not recommended that you consult them as you work through the daily study questions.  It is most important to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you through the Bible passage and apply it to your heart and life…

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