Why Use Joy of Living?

Evangelical and interdenominational, Joy of Living reaches across denominational and cultural barriers, enriching lives through the simple, pure truths of God’s inspired Word, the Bible.

This unique Bible study series may be used by people who know nothing about the Bible, as well as by more knowledgeable Christians.  Each person, regardless of spiritual maturity, is nurtured and discipled in God’s Word.

Joy of Living is based on the idea that each person needs to open the Bible and let God speak to them by His Holy Spirit, applying the Scripture’s message to their own life and circumstances.

Studies are flexible, suited for both formal and informal meetings, as well as for personal study. Each lesson contains historical background, commentary, and a week’s worth of personal application questions, leading readers to discover fresh insights into God’s Word.

There are no rules regarding who may begin a Joy of Living class.

Click here for Step by Step Guidelines to help you start, administer and teach a class, lead a discussion group, and provide nursery and childcare.