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Doris W. Greig: Founder and Author

Founder of Joy of Living Bible Studies and author of many of its studies, Doris W. Greig (1926-2004) also wrote You Can Do It Too!—Opening your heart and home to share God’s love.

A graduate of South Dakota State University, Doris accepted the Lord as a young adult. Joy of Living Bible Studies began when Doris was forced by ill health to stay in bed for a year. The Lord used this time of rest, reflection, and prayer to launch her writing career. In 1971, Doris was asked to use her material to teach a Bible study. From that first meeting in 1971, in Newhall, California, Joy of Living has grown to include classes meeting both nationally and internationally. Through her life, which was yielded to the Lord, multiple thousands of men and women around the world have come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and have been established in the Word of God. Click here for more about Founder Doris W. Greig.

Doris and her husband, William T. Greig II, had 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Doris went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in 2004.

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Ruth M. Bathauer

Ruth M. Bathauer (1922-2016) graduated from Northern Baptist Seminary in Oakbrook, Illinois, and also studied at the University of Chicago.

As an editor for Gospel Light in Ventura, California, Ruth wrote and edited both children’s curriculum and adult Bible study materials. She also wrote Parent Care (Regal, out of print).

Ruth went home to be with the Lord in 2016.

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Nancy J. Collins

Nancy J. Collins is the director of Joy of Living Bible Studies. She has been a speaker and Bible teacher for over 40 years, ministering to both children and adults, and is the presenter of the Joy of Living training video, Planning & Leading a Bible Study.

Nancy holds a B. A. in Biblical Studies, and is the author of 3 complete Joy of Living courses; the commentary portion of 5 Joy of Living courses; the study questions for over 10 Joy of Living courses; and 3 Joy of Living pre-school studies. She, also, co-authored the Leadership Training Guide, and has edited many of the Joy of Living courses.

She and her husband, Chuck, live in Southern California. They have 7  children and numerous grandchildren.

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Dottie Heseman

Dottie Heseman, author of the daily study questions for 1 Corinthians  and 2 Corinthians, became a Christian as a young child and has been involved in Christian work most of her adult life. A former volunteer with Young Life, she has taught both adults and children. She and her husband, John Heseman, make their home in Indiana.

Pat Kampenga

Pat Kampenga is the author of the Joy of Living Youth Studies. While Pat was in leadership at a Joy of Living class in La Crescenta, California, she found that many mothers of home-schooled children wished to attend the daytime Bible study, but the only children’s programs offered were for nursery and preschool-age children. Pat began writing studies to use in a her class’s program for home-schooled children (ages 6-14). Pat now resides in Texas.

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William L. Lane

William L. Lane (1931-1999) wrote the commentary for Highlights of the New Testament.  A theologian and professor of biblical studies, he began his academic career as professor of New Testament and Judaic studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He went on to serve as professor of religious studies at Western Kentucky University for fifteen years. Lane joined the faculty of Seattle Pacific University as dean of the School of Religion in 1989, and served as the Paul T. Walls Chair in Wesleyan and Biblical Studies from 1993 until his retirement in 1997.  He went home to the Lord in 1999.

Bill Myers

Bill Myers, the author of the commentary portion of Christ B.C.—The Hidden Christ of the Old Testament, is a best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker who uses his talents to further the gospel around the world.

During his first year at college, Bill told God He could have his life, that he would do whatever God wanted. To date, Bill Myers’s books and videos have sold over 8 million copies. As author/screenwriter/director his work has won over 60 national and international awards, including the C.S. Lewis Honor Award. Bill holds a degree in Theater Arts from the University of Washington and an honorary doctorate from the Theological Institute of Nimes, France, where he taught.

Jean W. Randall

Jean W. Randall wrote the commentary portion of Exodus: From Egypt to the Promised Land (Part 1 and Part 2) and of Hebrews (Part 1 and Part 2).

Jean attended Moody Bible Institute. She was a pastor’s wife and Christian bookstore owner, and was associated with both Moody Press and Biola College. She went home to be with the Lord in 2001.

Joan Regan

Joan Regan, author of the Joy of Living Preschool Study Bible Basics for Little Ones, attended a Joy of Living Class in Glendale, California. Joan originally wrote the material for a “mother’s morning out” program in her church, and then generously donated it to Joy of Living.

Robert S. Ricker

Dr. Robert S. Ricker is the author of the commentary portion of Ecclesiastes.

Dr. Ricker was elected as the first President of the Baptist General Conference, Arlington Heights, Illinois. Previously, he served 24 years as a senior pastor. He also served on the Advisory Council for the English Standard Version of the Bible.

Dr. Ricker has 3 degrees from Bethel College and Seminary, Minneapolis, Minnesota, including a Doctor of Ministry from the seminary. He and his wife have 2 adult children. They currently reside in Southern California.

 Kathy Rowland

Kathy Rowland, daughter of Joy of Living Founder, Doris Greig, was director of Joy of Living from 1980 to 2019. A graduate of Westmont College, Kathy is author of 3 complete Joy of Living courses and the study questions for over 10 Joy of Living courses, and co-author of the Leadership Training Guide. She has also revised and updated 5 additional Joy of Living Bible study courses.

Functioning as both executive and managing editor, Kathy has played a key editorial role in all courses released by Joy of Living. Since stepping down as director in June 2019, she has remained on staff in a part-time capacity as editor and author, along with fulfilling other responsibilities. She and her husband, Gary, now live in South Dakota. Kathy serves as Chairman of the Board of Joy of Living, and Gary serves as Treasurer. They have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

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Sharon Simonian

Sharon Simonian is one of several teaching leaders for a Joy of Living class in San Clemente, California.  She presents Adding Dramatic Elements to Your Bible Teaching, a 60 minute DVD that will help you add some excitement to your next talk by using some simple dramatic techniques any speaker can use.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Sharon met the Lord Jesus when she attended her first Bible study class as a young mother. Since then she has had the joy of serving Him by teaching Bible studies, speaking at ladies’ luncheons and retreats and directing church theater. She has also been a speaker for Christian Women’s Club and a guest on national radio.  You may view or subscribe to her  YouTube channel, Sharon Inspiration, where she posts brief devotionals and also longer talks.

Sharon’s lifelong love of drama led her to participate in several Southern California playhouses for many years as a performer, stage manager, board member and children’s workshop leader. She enjoys combining her love for the Lord and for drama and often incorporates storytelling, oral interpretation of literature and dramatic monologues in her talks.

Sharon and her husband, Vic, have two adult children.

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Ray C. Stedman

Ray C. Stedman (1917-1992) was a pastor, teacher, well-known Bible expositor, and author of numerous books, including many Joy of Living studies. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Ray served 40 years as pastor of the Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California, before retiring in 1990.

Ray and his wife Elaine were blessed with 4 daughters and 11 grandchildren. Ray went home to be with the Lord in 1992.

To find other materials by and about Ray Stedman, visit Ray Stedman: Authentic Christianity, an exhaustive library of Ray’s messages and books.

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Dana Stewart

Dana Stewart, author of the Joy of Living Preschool Studies on Judges & Ruth and 1 Samuel, wrote these studies while attending a Joy of Living class in Houston, Texas.

Anne Walls

Anne Walls, author of the commentary portions of 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians, has taught Bible studies in churches, retreats, and seminars both nationally and internationally for over 30 years. She and her husband, Dr. Ralph Walls, make their home in Carmel, Indiana.