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Sharon Simonian

See what Sharon Simonian, a veteran Joy of Living teacher, has to say about us.

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Sharon is also the presenter of Adding Dramatic Elements to Your Teaching, available on DVD. 

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What People Are Saying About Joy of Living

“Having recently participated in a small group study of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel, I have to let you know how wonderful your Joy of Living series is. The commentaries, questions, thought provoking personal analysis and cross references between the Old and New Testaments offer an expansive spiritual study where learning and personal psychological and spiritual growth may occur. I thank God for you for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in teaching others.”

–  Massachusetts

“Thank you for sending the Bible study by email. I have the files saved and ready to go forward. I am so pleased there is this opportunity to study at home as I have not been able to attend the group sessions for several years. Thanks again for all Joy of Living provides!”

– Colorado

“I am one person that has been saved because of Joy of Living Bible Studies. My home is now united in Christ.”

“…You constantly pull out the hidden gems of the Word and make them so relevant to our everyday walk in Christ.”

“I have been wanting to write to you, again, just to tell you how very, very, grateful I am for your Studies and for all of the tremendous work that has been put into them. A few times, when I wanted to study a book of the Bible that Joy of Living doesn’t have, I have purchased others from our Bible bookstore here in town. NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE, has even come close to what you all have done. All others seem so shallow and fall way short of the depth and thought that Joy of Living puts into theirs. I can not thank you enough for blessing my life so completely.”

– California

Joy of Living Bible Studies have truly opened the Scriptures for me. There’s so much more in Genesis than I ever realized. Each lesson is so exciting…”

“The blessings and rewards of Joy have overflowed in my life. He has shown me through these lessons how I need to be ‘thoroughly furnished’ to be used of Him more effectively.”

“I have only been in our study for one month…they are always on target with what the Holy Spirit is dealing in my own life about.”

“I don’t have words to tell you how much Joy has meant to me…One lady shared she was a minister’s wife and had not received the Lord as her personal Savior until she came to Joy. She didn’t know what grace meant. I can’t thank the Lord enough for giving you the vision, and you for carrying through with this ministry.”

 “I just started the Joy of Living Bible study this past fall and have really had such a great experience and have learned so much. My faith has been really fortified by this program…I have had a hard time finding solid Biblical teaching based in the truth of God’s Word. Joy of Living is so refreshingly grounded in the Truth.”

– California

“These great lessons…They are a real gift. They have helped me more than anything else… They have helped me learn to study every day in the Bible.”

“The Joy of Living materials are ideal for men’s Bible study. I’m not a big fan of topical studies for men (maybe for a seminar); just teach the Word of God, that’s the real power source. Joy of Living causes the man to do the work, not hearers only.”

– Texas