Promotional Materials for Download

How to Download and Use Promotional Items

The two Posters, Brochure, and Card contain fields in which you may type your class’s information before printing and duplicating them.

When you click on each promotional item link below, you can view the PDF file in your browser. In order to take advantage of all available features, save the PDF file to your computer, then open it with Adobe Reader software. To save the Posters, Brochure and Card with your changes you will need Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher.

Important note for Macintosh users: Preview does not allow you to simply save the file after you type in the fillable fields (it requires a Save As). So be sure to download Adobe Reader if you don’t have it.

Get Adobe Reader

Each field should be highlighted. If not, click the “Highlight Fields” button at top, right of window. Then click into each field to type your information.

To save your work as you go, click out of the field you are typing in and then select “Save” from the “File” menu.

If you have any difficulty with this, call us at 800-999-2703 and we will be happy to help you.


Promotional Items to Download:


11-inch by 17-inch Poster PDF

There are four fields on the bottom half of the poster in which to enter your class information.

Select a page-size format:


8 1/2-inch by 11-inch Poster PDF


There are four fields on the bottom half of the poster in which to type your class information.

Download 8.5 x 11 Poster

Class Promotional Brochure PDF

This tri-fold brochure has four fields in which to type the specific information for your class. You may manually cover or change any wording in the brochure (using white-out) that does not apply to your class.

Download Brochure

Class Promotional / Witnessing Card PDF

Master for 4 cards on one 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch page.

  • The Witnessing side of the card(s) is on page 1 of the PDF. Fill in the field on one of the cards with your contact information, and it will automatically show in the contact field on all 4 cards after you click out of the field.
  • The Class Promotional side of the card(s) is on page 2 of the PDF. Fill in your class information in one of the fields under “Join us for Bible Study,” and it will automatically show on all 4 cards after you click out of the field. Your contact information entered on page 1 will show in the fields below “For More information contact:”

Download Witnessing Card

Joy of Living Logo (JPG)

Choose black or green logo, in either small or large size. If your browser merely displays the logo, rather than downloading the file, Control-Click the displayed logo and choose Save Image As…

Download Green Logo (small)
Download Green Logo (large)
Download Black Logo (small)
Download Black Logo (large)

Sample news releases PDF

Download News Releases


Ideas for using these promotional materials PDF

Download Ideas

Purchase a printed  copy of the Promo Packet here.