How to Use Joy of Living Materials

Only a Bible is needed for this study series. While commentaries may be helpful, it is not recommended that you  consult them as you  work through the daily study questions. It is most important to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you  through the Bible passage and apply it to your  heart and life. If desired, additional commentaries may be consulted after answering the questions on a particular passage.

It is strongly suggested that the you work through each  lesson on a consistent daily basis rather than attempting to complete an entire lesson at one time. As you work through the daily questions, pray and ask God to help you know, understand and apply His truth to your life. Remember, the point of Bible study is to know God and build your relationship with Him.

The first lesson of a series includes an introduction to the Bible book, plus the first week’s daily study questions. Some questions are simple, and some are deeper for those who are more advanced. The individual works through the Bible passages each day, praying and asking God’s guidance in applying the truth to their own life. (The next lesson will contain the commentary on the Bible passage being covered in the study questions.)

To Use in a Group Setting:
After the daily personal study of the passage has been completed, individuals gather in one or more small groups, where they pray together and discuss what they have written in response to the questions about the passage, clarifying problem areas and getting more insight into the passage. The small group/discussion leader helps the group focus on Biblical truth, and not just on personal problems. The student is the only person who sees their own answers and shares only what they feel comfortable sharing.

After small groups meet for discussion and prayer, they often gather in a large group meeting where a teacher gives a brief lecture covering the essential teaching of the Bible passage that was studied during the prior week and discussed in the small groups. The teacher may clarify the passage and challenge class members to live a more committed daily life.

At home, the student begins the next lesson, which contains commentary notes on the prior week’s passage and questions on a new Scripture passage.

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