Psalms of Faith Audio Lecture Series


Formats— CD or  mp3 Download

CD $30.00
mp3 Download $20.60

17 lectures in series (Lectures average 30 minutes each.)

Free sample lecture on Lessons 1 & 2: download mp3 file

Covers: Psalms 1, 8, 19 ,20, 22, 40, 42-43, 45, 50, 51, 73, 84, 90, 95, 107, 109.

Audio quality varies and may not be suitable for use as a “substitute teacher” for a group.

The book of Psalms for the most part is a book of prayer and praise.  It is a collection of independent pieces of many kinds, written by King David and many other authors over the course of centuries. The Psalms are impassioned and vivid poetry;…

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