Isaiah: Adult Study — Spanish


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14 lessons…see what each lesson covers

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Written by Ruth M. Bathauer.
Translated into Spanish by Adriana Giletta.

Each lesson contains historical background, commentary, and a week’s worth of personal application questions, leading readers to discover fresh insights into God’s Word.

The study of Isaiah emphasizes the greatness of our God. Rather than a strictly verse-by-verse study, this course gives an overview of the main themes running throughout the book of Isaiah, focusing on personal application as well as historical events and prophecy.

As we see how unchanging our God is in His holiness, justice, judgment and mercy, we are reminded of how unchanging people are in their hard-heartedness and rebellion against God. Although filled with judgments, the book of Isaiah continually brings to mind God’s grace. Truly, our God is an awesome God! With Him there is hope.

ISBN 9781948126359

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