Highlights of the New Testament Audio Lecture Series


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17 lectures in series (Lectures average 20 minutes each.)

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Audio quality varies and may not be suitable for use as a “substitute teacher” for a group.

Highlights of the New Testament presents the New Testament books in the order they were written, and/or grouped according to a common setting. Each lesson considers the author’s response to the life situation which prompted the book’s message.

For example, Mark wrote his Gospel during a time of great persecution, in order to strengthen Christians in their faithfulness to Jesus. Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica in defense of his mission and to encourage new Christians faced with opposition from Jewish leaders. James wrote to a church that was still meeting in the synagogue, worshipping side by side with fellow Jews who did not recognize Jesus as the promised Messiah. This study will help you gain a fresh perspective on the total message of the New Testament.
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