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  • Gospel of John, 1-3 John & Jude: Adult Study — Japanese


    Digital — download (PDF)…………$30.60

    28 lessons

    Download sample  Lesson 1  PDF

    By Doris W. Greig
    Translated into Japanese. (*The English study from which this was translated is now out of print.)

    Each lesson contains historical background, commentary, and a week’s worth of personal application questions, leading readers to discover fresh insights into God’s Word.

    In John’s Gospel we see that Jesus, having been a man, can speak to us with images we understand. We also see that Jesus, being God, can deliver miracles and fulfill any promise He makes.  When He says that if we come to Him we will never thirst again,…

    …we know that He understands the reality of our thirst. We also know that if we believe, we will never thirst again.

    The books of 1-3 John & Jude focus on the fundamentals of Christianity. They explore the sovereignty of Christ, and how we as Christians should live in the glorious light of His love.  They also address heretical teachings, and how we must be careful not to step off the path God has shown us.

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