Pictures of damaged packages

These packages, shipped in re-used or non-sturdy containers, were received in damaged condition at our warehouse.

  • The US Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx handle millions of packages daily. The packages get tossed about and stacked. Re-used boxes may not be able to stand up to this treatment, allowing damage to book covers and corners. Don’t let your return become a casualty.

Damaged Package 1

Damaged Package 2

Damaged Package 3

Damaged Package 4

Damaged Package 5Damaged Package 6Damaged Package 7

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Pictures of damaged returned items

This is what happens to the returned items shipped in re-used or non-sturdy containers.

Please remember, if there is even a small amount of damage, we cannot resell the item, so we cannot credit you for it.

Damaged 1Damaged Item 2Damaged Item 3Damaged Item 4

Damaged Item 5Damaged Item 6Damaged Item 7Damaged Item 8