Highlights of the Old Testament: Wisdom & Prophecy, Audio Lecture Series


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15 lectures in series (Lectures average 25 minutes each.)

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Audio quality varies and may not be suitable for use as a “substitute teacher” for a group.

Highlights of the Old Testament: Wisdom & Prophecy  briefly looks at each of the Old Testament books of Job through Malachi: its overall message, how it relates to the other books of the Bible, and what it reveals about God and His great plan…

…This study  covers the six books of wisdom (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiaster, and Song of Solomon), and the seventeen books of prophecy.  Throughout these books God’s holiness, righteousness, justice, mercy, and love are revealed. If your heart and mind are open, you will come to better know Him who loved us and sent His Son to save us.
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