Treasures from the Parables Audio Lecture Series


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9  Jump Start lectures in series (average 10 minutes per lecture)

Free sample lecture on Lessons 1-2: download mp3 file

Audio quality varies and may not be suitable for use as a “substitute teacher” for a group.

Treasures from the Parables covers selected parables of Jesus that deal with subjects such as lost things, what to do while waiting for the Lord’s return, God’s invitation, and the temporary vs. the eternal…

The parables are very exciting and challenging portions of Scripture. Like a mystery novel, there is always something veiled, something hidden within them; thus they are enticing and challenging.

There are clues given in each of the parables that lead us to its meaning. These clues encourage us to investigate and discover the hidden truths, which will become real treasures that enrich our lives and deepen our walk with the Lord when we apply those truths to our lives.

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