Judges & Ruth: Preschool Kit (with Music)


Kit  includes:

Delivery options:

  • Ship printed study (single sided looseleaf) and music on CD…………$13.10
  • Download digital study (PDF) and music (mp3)…………$11.80

Judges & Ruth Preschool Study  is an 8-lesson study by Dana Stewart.
Download sample  Lesson 1  PDF

The study  includes:

  • Lesson plans
  • Crafts, activities
  • Notebook activities

Suggestions are included for administrating the class, distribution of responsibilities, coordinating and training volunteers, room arrangements, snacks, and games.

The book of Judges covers the period in Israel’s history after the death of Joshua until the establishment of the monarchy under King Saul. At that time the people were ruled by judges whom God raised up to deliver His oppressed people—oppressions brought on by their own disobedience.

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