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  • Guidelines for Preparing a Lecture (Audio)


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    Audio CD  $4.00

    Four Joy of Living teachers share their systems of preparing and giving a lecture. (75 minutes)

    Guidelines for Preparing a Lecture is included in the Teacher's Starter Kit.

  • Psalms: Adult Study — German


    Eine Auswahl Verscheidener Psalmen

    Printed — 8 1/2” x 11″, spiral-bound…………$10.70
    Digital — on CD or download (PDF, Microsoft Word US Letter or A4)…more information
    …………$10.70 on CD
    …………$9.60 download

    8 lessons.  Covers Psalms 16, 23, 27, 34, 37, 92, & 139.

    Download sample  Lesson 1  PDF

    By Doris W. Greig, Janice McNees, and Jean W. Randall*

    *The English study on Psalms from which this was translated is now out of print.

    Each lesson contains historical background, commentary, and a week's worth of personal application questions, leading readers to discover fresh insights into God's Word.

    The book of Psalms for the most part is a book of prayer and praise. It is a collection of independent pieces of many kinds, written by King David and many other authors over the course of centuries.

    The Psalms are impassioned and vivid poetry; among them are prayers of both individuals and the community, praise for God's saving help, hymns in praise of God's majesty, and confessions of confidence in God's care. We learn much about God and our relationship to Him, and we find prophetic references to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, written many years before He came to earth.
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  • Teacher’s Starter Kit


    All kit items may also be purchased separately, and many may   be downloaded or viewed online free of charge.

    Helpful for training new teachers, substitutes, or alternates. The kit includes:

    • Promo Packet —  All items are reproducible.  Includes ideas for using each item.  To download and view the Promo Packet items free of charge, click here.
      • Two Posters: 11″ x 17″ and 8 1/2″ x 11″
      • Sample News Releases
      • Class Promotional Brochure
      • Promo/Witnessing Card