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  • Christ in the Old Testament: Youth


    Printed (single-sided looseleaf)…………$5.30
    Digital download (PDF)…………$4.80

    6 lessons
    Download sample  Lesson 1  PDF

    By Pat Kampenga

    Joy of Living Youth studies are reproducible for the use of the purchaser’s group only.   They offer opportunities for spiritual growth and learning for students ages 6-14 (under 10 may need help on homework). Each lesson includes:

    • Student’s Lesson Pages with daily questions to complete
    • Leader’s Lesson Pages (answers included to the daily questions)
    • Suggested Schedule for each meeting
    • Activity, game and craft ideas

    Christ in the Old Testament looks at how Jesus is pictured in the Old Testament, including Exodus 25; Leviticus 1; Isaiah 6, 8, 37-39; and 2 Kings 20.