How to Download Audio Lectures Directly to an iPad or iPhone

Note: These instructions are for those who don’t have a computer. If you have a computer with iTunes on it, it is much easier to download the audio mp3 files all at once to your computer, save them in iTunes, and then sync them to the Music app on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open a free Dropbox account.
    1. Go to the Dropbox product page on the iTunes App Store.
    2. Download Dropbox and open it.
    3. Follow the steps to create an account.
    4. Log in.
  2. Download the files one at a time.
    1. Go to the page that lists the lectures on MediaFire. (You will receive a link to this page when you place an order for downloadable audio lectures.) (Note: some free audio files are also available to download directly from the Joy of Living website.)
    2. The PDF file at the top of the list is a playlist of the lectures. To download it, hold down the down arrow at the end of the line and select Download. The playlist will open in a new tab or page in your browser. To save it, tap the top of the list and select “Open in…” Select an App to save it to, such as “Add to Notes.”
    3. The first mp3 file in the list is a copyright notice, which asks you not to duplicate the lecture files. You don’t need to download this file unless you want to.
    4. For each lesson mp3 file in the list (one at a time):
      1. Hold down the down arrow at the end of its line and select Download. This will open a new tab or page that will allow you to play the file. Do not play the lecture now, as this will not save it to your iPad or iPhone.
      2. Click the Action Button (a small square with an up arrow at either the top or bottom of the window).
      3. A menu will appear. (The first time you do this, select “More…” then turn on “Save to Dropbox” in the Activities window by clicking the circle to the right of its name. Click Done to return to the menu.) In the menu, select “Save to Dropbox,” then click “Save” in the “Save to Dropbox” window. It will take some time for the file to download from MediaFire and then upload to Dropbox.
  3. After you have downloaded all the lesson mp3 files to Dropbox, press the Home button on your device to return to its main window. Open the Dropbox App. The lectures will all be there, ready for you to select and play.