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Psalms expresses the cry of our souls. It reflects the variety of human hopes and every experience of our hearts. For instance:

A few years ago, I entered a house and stumbled upon the body of a man who had committed suicide. What a shock it was! I had known him fairly well, for he had been coming to me for counseling. That night I found it impossible to sleep because I was so troubled. In that hour of desolation, my wife and I turned to Psalms. It was the only book that could quiet our hearts in an hour of anguish. Psalms has always been the book where people of God have pillowed their heads in times of distress or sorrow. Whatever you’re feeling, turn to Psalms.

Excerpt from Joy of Living Bible Study: Highlights of the Old Testament, Wisdom & Prophecy (Job–Malachi), commentary by Ray C. Stedman. Order the full study in print, CD, or as a digital download here


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