Kathy Rowland—39 Years of Leadership

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Joy of Living would like to announce that after 39 years of dedicated leadership, Kathy Rowland has stepped down from the role of director, effective June 1, 2019. She and her husband have permanently moved to their home in South Dakota. Kathy has not left the Joy of Living team completely, but will continue to work remotely, on a part-time basis, as an editor and author, along with fulfilling other responsibilities. Her leadership and presence in the office will be sorely missed.

The Beginnings of Joy of Living

The eldest daughter of Joy of Living founder Doris Greig, Kathy was eighteen when her mother began writing and teaching the first Joy of Living Bible study in 1971. Kathy graduated from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California, where she met and married her husband, Gary. Their first child was born in 1979.

While Kathy’s family began to expand, Joy of Living was also expanding beyond anything Doris had dreamed. From one class in 1971, Joy of Living had grown to 50 classes in 1979. Doris needed someone with a heart for the Lord and for this ministry to oversee the day-to-day operation of Joy of Living. Who better than her daughter, Kathy? Overseeing Joy of Living would, at first, allow Kathy to work part-time out of her home, while being a full-time mother. However, a part-time job it would not remain!

Continuing Doris’s Legacy

Assuming the position of director of Joy of Living Bible Studies in 1980, Kathy has spearheaded the growth of Joy of Living to include classes throughout the United States and worldwide, and has overseen the development of a variety of resources to enable men and women around the world to study God’s Word. The translation of many studies into Spanish, German, Arabic, Nepali, Japanese, and Russian has enabled people of other language groups to be nurtured and discipled in God’s Word through Joy of Living.

As director, she has overseen the writing and publication of new adult courses, expanding the number of studies from the original five to courses covering all of God’s Word. Creating digital versions of all the courses has made it possible for those with certain physical disabilities to have access to the studies, and has made the studies available to those who prefer to do their lesson on the computer. Leadership resources—including training videos, reproducible materials, and the Leadership Guide—have been developed and made available at low or no cost to those desiring them.

The addition of reproducible elementary and preschool material has encouraged classes to provide Bible teaching within their children’s programs. Music to go along with the preschool material is also available.

The Audio Lecture Series has provided students and teaching leaders with pre-recorded lectures to be used as supplemental material alongside the Joy of Living studies, to expand their understanding of the lessons and give them ideas for their own lectures.

With the assistance of a team of dedicated believers, Kathy has implemented new computer systems, upgrading software, databases, and accounting systems to better serve teachers and students.

As an writer and editor, Kathy is the author of James and 2 Kings; author of the daily study questions for Exodus: From Egypt to the Promised Land; Judges & Ruth; 1 Samuel; 2 Samuel; Ecclesiastes; Acts; and Hebrews; co-author of the daily study questions for Psalms of Faith; and editor of the updated versions of Esther, Daniel Chapters 1-6, Jonah, Philippians & Colossians, and 1 Thessalonians. She has also overseen the editing of all new projects.

Following in Their Footsteps

Kathy follows in the ministry footsteps of her parents and grandparents: mother, Doris Greig—author and founder of Joy of Living; father, Bill Greig, Jr.—former President and Chairman of the Board of Gospel Light/Regal Books; grandfather, Bill Greig, Sr.—former President and Chairman of the Board of Gospel Light/Regal Books.

Just as Joy of Living has grown under the guidance of Kathy Rowland, her family has also grown. Kathy and her husband, Gary, have four adult daughters and four grandchildren. Like her mother before her, Kathy has found her joy in yielding her life to the Lord.

Above: Joy of Living staff and family at a farewell luncheon for Kathy, May 2019.
Above, left: Kathy and her mother Doris, circa 1982.



  1. Nancy Dean

    Dear Kathy, Thank you so much! I’ll meet you in Heaven! Nancy Dean

  2. Charlotte Mishler

    Yeah Kathy! You are amazing and have made a huge difference for the Lord and for the people who get closer to Him through Joy of Living.
    Love you!!!


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