Job: Adult Study — English


Series:  Joy of Living Classic
Each lesson contains commentary and a week’s daily study questions (except for the final lesson which contains the final commentary only).

Printed — 8 1/2” x 11″, spiral-bound, normal or large print
…………$16.30 normal print 10-point font
…………$22.10 large print 18-point font (see large print sample)
Digital — on CD or download, PDF or Microsoft Word 
…………$16.30 on CD
…………$14.70 download

Additional resource: Audio Lectures to complement this study

Study Length: 13 lessons…see what each lesson covers

Download sample:  Lesson 1  PDF  or  MS Word

Commentary by Ray C. Stedman, study questions by Nancy J. Collins

Surrounded by the world's widely accepted philosophies and ideas, what we often think to be reality and truth are but illusions, or delusions. The book of Job strips away those illusions, permitting us to see life as it really is,…

… and corrects the false conclusions that our senses often bring to us. Job gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of this world, and helps us to understand the nature of human evil, the nature of faith, the nature of fallen man, the reasons for suffering and, most of all, the nature of our loving, compassionate God.
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