Gospel of Mark, Part 2: Adult Study — English

Gospel of Mark, Part 2: Adult Study — English


Series:  Joy of Living Classic
Each lesson contains commentary and a week’s daily study questions (except for the final lesson which contains the final commentary only).

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Study Length: 18 lessons…see what each lesson covers

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Commentary by Ray C. Stedman, study questions by Nancy J. Collins

Covers Mark 8:34—16:20. The study of the Gospel of Mark will encourage your heart and build your faith. Jesus was fully man and fully God! Mark was amazed by this reality. For this reason, Mark’s gospel centers on these two aspects of Jesus’ life. The first part of the gospel…

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…(covered in the Gospel of Mark, Part 1) depicts Jesus as the Servant who rules. The second part focuses on Jesus as the Ruler who serves.

In Part 2 of the study, we learn that since Jesus’ authority was God-given, with it He upset the status quo. He directly challenged the religious leaders of His day. He overturned tables and purposefully offended people whose hearts were far from God. We will find ourselves in Mark’s gospel. Pride, foolishness, and faithlessness often blinded Jesus’ disciples and followers. Yet He never gave up on them. And He will not give up on His disciples of today, who are often blinded by the same things.

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