Daniel, Chapters 1-6: Adult Study — English


Series:  Joy of Living Classic
Each lesson contains commentary and a week’s daily study questions (except for the final lesson which contains the final commentary only).

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Additional resource: Audio Lectures to complement this study

Study Length: 7 lessons…see what each lesson covers

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Written by Doris W. Greig, revised and updated by Kathy Rowland

Daniel: Chapters 1-6 covers the personal history of the prophet Daniel. (The prophetic portions of the book of Daniel are covered in Prophecy in the Book of Daniel.) His story shows the sovereign God ruling over men and nations.

Although Daniel began as a captive in Babylon, he held high positions under several kings of powerful empires. In spite of pressures to join the religion and immoral lifestyle of Babylon, Daniel lived a life devoted to the one true God.
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