Acts Part 1 Audio Lecture Series


The study of Acts has been re-released in a 2-part format. This decision was made to help those who find it difficult to cover the cost of our longer studies all up front. Splitting the study allows each half to have a more moderate price. The complete series of Acts Audio Lectures, in one set, is no longer available.

Acts Part 1 covers Acts chapters 1-13.  Click here for Acts Part 2 Audio Lectures.

Formats— CD or  mp3 Download

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12 lectures in series. (Lectures average 35 minutes each. Lessons 1 & 2 are combined.)

Free sample lecture on Lessons 1 & 2: download mp3 file

Audio quality varies and may not be suitable for use as a “substitute teacher” for a group.

In the book of Acts we see what Jesus brought about through the apostles' preaching and the beginning of the church. We'll study the life of Paul as he makes many missionary journeys. Though the apostles and early Christians faced bitter persecution,…

…through the power of the Holy Spirit they successfully carried the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome and planted churches across the Roman Empire. Full of history and drama, the book of Acts provides a guide for the church to follow until Christ returns.

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