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    Adding Dramatic Elements to Your Teaching (DVD)

    Presented by Sharon Simonian.

    Add some excitement to your next talk by using some simple dramatic techniques any speaker can use. No previous drama training is required!  (60 min. video)

    Adding Dramatic Elements To Your Teaching  is included in the Teacher’s Starter Kit.

    View  what Sharon has to say about Joy of Living.

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    Planning & Leading a Bible Study (DVD)

    You may also view Planning & Leading a Bible Study at no charge online: Click here.

    Presented by Nancy J. Collins. 45 minutes.    DVD includes reproducible digital copies (PDF) of an  11-page handout and the Leadership Training Guide. Topics addressed are:

    • how to develop and administer Bible study groups
    • how to improve your leadership skills
    • how to use small groups to strengthen the unity of the  church and reach out to the community

    Planning & Leading a Bible Study (DVD)  is included in the  Teacher’s Starter Kit.